We are keen that all members should get the most they can from the club, though we understand that athletics has a different priority for different members and that some will want to do more than others.

Members and parents of young athletes are expected to participate fully in the club so that the enjoyment and success of all can be enhanced. This means members taking part in team competitions whenever possible; parents/carers volunteering to help with running the club, Junior academy or at competitions as officials or team managers to try to make events successful.

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Track and Field

We compete in several Track & Field leagues during the summer with access for all age groups:

We expect all athletes to compete as part of their membership, and monitor athletes for participation.

You can click on each league for more detailed information. You can find very detailed information on how these leagues work, and on other competitions, in the Competition handbook


For the matches indicated (see the calendar) we will be running coaches from Wilberforce Road at a cost of £7 per person, £12 for two in family, £15 for 3 in family (Family & friends welcome). Details for each match will be given separately nearer the time. Seats available on a first come first served basis.

What to bring

  • C & C vest
  • Spikes (if worn) – no longer than 6mm
  • 8 Safety pins
  • Lunch
  • Plenty of drinks
  • Tracksuit
  • Sunhat, suncream, waterproofs, dry clothing

Upcoming Track & Field Events

The Track and field group page also contains other track and field information.

Road Running

We compete in several competitions through the year.

Please click on a specific league for further details.

Contact [email protected] for information

Upcoming Road Running Events

The Road Running group page also contains other road running information

Cross Country

We compete in several competitions through the year:

U13 U15 U17 Adult >35yr
 Essex League X X X X X
 Frostbite League X X X X X
 BMAF XC Relays – November X
 Championships and Open Events X X X X X

Please click on a specific league for further details.

Contact [email protected] for information on entering

Upcoming Cross Country Events

The Cross Country group page also contains other cross country information


We compete in several competitions through the year:

The athletes are encouraged to enter the Cambridgeshire County open T&F events in the spring and summer – there are usually three events – and the County T&F Championships.

We also encourage our athletes to enter the Eastern Regional Disability T&F Championships where there are competition opportunities for athletes with most types of disability (e.g. amputees, Cerebral Palsy, visually impaired, learning difficulties etc).

Athletes can also progress to other Disability event series such as those run at Stoke Mandeville on a regular basis, or those run by disability specific organisations.

For wheelchair athletes favouring longer distances there is:

  • GEAR (Great East Anglian Run) which is a 10k in King’s Lynn in May in the past – it’s a big event, probably the biggest 10k in the region
  • Great Eastern half marathon in Peterborough in September.

We have previously had winners in both events and we are currently trying to find a few more appropriate road races.

For the national competitive events, the current 2019 list is here.

Please contact [email protected] for further information

Upcoming Disability Events

The Disability group page also contains other disability athletics information

Team Managers

To find the contact details for the team managers, please go to the league pages.

Team managers are a critical part of the C&C volunteer structure and individually only have to represent the club for one league and one age group.  Please volunteer to help and support the club as best as possible.


Team Managers are busy/working people, they are also unpaid volunteers. Their responsibility is to organise the team, not to have to chase you.

It is the responsibility of club athletes to notify team managers of their availability in good time so that the team can be put together. It is just as important to let managers know if you cannot attend.

Club Kit

Club vests and crop tops

Club vests and crop tops are only available directly from the club. To buy one:

  • Go to the membership system by following this link and buy a vest or crop top (we cannot accept cash or cheques, sorry) from the “Your Membership” page
  • When you have purchased and have the receipt please bring that to the track:
    • If you are young athlete then on a Monday night session and present your receipt at the young athletes’ reception.
    • If you are an endurance athlete on a Wednesday or Thursday please present the receipt to you coach, Chris or Sarah.
    • For other nights please contact our kit team to arrange the collection – you will need to bring the receipt when collecting.
  • If you purchase a crop top, we ask that you try it on when collecting to ensure that it is the correct fit.
  • If you need a vest or crop top urgently please contact our kit team and we will do what we can.

Kit Shop

We’re pleased to announce the Club has teamed up with Total Promotions to offer a range of training and leisure wear to members, including technical training tops, hoodies and sweatshirts in C&C colours.

The kit is available through the web shop at

England Athletics Registration

To compete in most competitions in the UK, you need to be registered with England Athletics (EA) – this provides the insurance cover as well as ensuring your results can be posted on the Power of 10 website, for example. However there are many other benefits which are explained in more detail on the EA website.

Your membership fee to C&C includes a fee which we pass straight on to England Athletics when we (re-)register you on their portal. [The only exception to this is if you are registering with C&C as a second claim club, i.e. your first claim club is elsewhere.]

When you join for the first time you will be given a Universal Registration Number (URN) which is needed to prove your eligibility to compete in certain competitions.

What's my URN?

If you need to find your England Athletics Registration (URN) number just go to the licence checker.  All you need is your name and date of birth, and the system will tell you if you are currently registered and what your URN is.

C&C upload all of our current first claim member’s data, but if you were late in paying your membership sub, or have joined recently, you may not have been updated yet. If you find you are not registered (you may still have a URN even if the registration hasn’t been paid) contact our membership secretary.

Also EA re-set all registrations to “pending” on 1st April each year so don’t worry if it shows as pending – we send a new list in and they will be updated quite soon and there is a grace period while this happens.

Age groups for competitions

Under 13’s, under 15’s and under 17’s must be aged 11 or over and aged under 13, under 15 or under 17 on 31st August.

Under 20’s must be aged 17 or over and aged under 20 on 31st December.

For Senior leagues, “Seniors” must be aged 15 or over on 31st August.

For Championships, Senior’s must be aged 17 or over on 31st August.
(note in a senior league or championship, equipment will be senior specification only).

For Masters leagues, “Masters” must be aged 35 or over at the time of the competition.