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track and field

The Track and Field section of the club trains 4 days a week throughput the year either at the track or the sportshall. The club participates is several leagues ensuring great competition opportunities for all age groups from U13 to 70+.




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Track and field training for over 14 year old young athletes, Seniors and Masters (over 35s) is as follows:

Day Events Summer Winter
Monday Squads by arrangement with coach Track, 6.30pm Track, 6.30pm
Tuesday All events (young athletes by invite only) Track, 6.30pm Track, 6.30pm
Thursday All events (young athletes by invite only) Track, 6:30pm Sports centre, 6:00pm
Track, 6.30pm
Saturday Squads by arrangement with coach  – – – – Track, 10.00am

Thursdays winter season 2019/2020: 24/10/19 to 5/3/20

Saturdays winter season 2019/2020: 5/10/19 to 28/3/20

To train at other times, it is necessary to purchase a track pass from the University

Upcoming Track & Field Training Sessions


We compete in several Track & Field leagues during the summer with access for all age groups:

We expect all athletes to compete as part of their membership, and monitor athletes for participation.

You can click on each league for more detailed information. You can find very detailed information on how these leagues work, and on other competitions, in the Competition handbook


For the matches indicated (see the calendar) we will be running coaches from Wilberforce Road at a cost of £7 per person, £12 for two in family, £15 for 3 in family (Family & friends welcome). Details for each match will be given separately nearer the time. Seats available on a first come first served basis.

What to bring

  • C & C vest
  • Spikes (if worn) – no longer than 6mm
  • 8 Safety pins
  • Lunch
  • Plenty of drinks
  • Tracksuit
  • Sunhat, suncream, waterproofs, dry clothing

Upcoming Track & Field Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Event Groups

Track and field athletics includes a range of events and is built on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.

On the track there are events ranging from sprints to long-distance events. There are not only races on the flat, there are also hurdles and steeplechase races, race walking and relay races.

The field events play a major role in giving athletics its rich diversity. As well as the competitions in the jumps events; the long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault, there are also throwing events of hammer, shot, javelin, discus and, in disability events, the club throw.

You may well be very familiar with some of the events commonly seen in championships such as the Olympics, Paralympics and World Championships. But for young athletes there are also competitions held with modified implements, disciplines and distances to make the events appropriate to them and give them the best opportunities to develop in the sport.

The summer is when the main outdoor track and field competition season is held, but some competition takes place at other times, with indoor competitions being held in the winter months.

If you can’t decide which event is for you that is not a problem. Combined events competitions such as the heptathlon and decathlon see athletes compete to win points at a range of events. For developing athletes experiencing a broad range of events is a valuable way of building athleticism and taking your time in finding the right events for you.

Junior Academy

Athletes up to 11-14 years old (U15 and U13) train at the Junior Academy on Monday evenings (unless specifically invited to another session by a coach).

Summer season (25/2/19 to 14/10/19) is the start of the Junior Academy at the track:

 Day  Group  Location  Time
 Monday  Beginners and participative athletes  Track  6:30pm
 Monday  Progression athletes  Track  7:30pm

NOTE: all athletes of both age groups should assume they are the first session unless invited to the second session by a coach.

Winter season (from 28/10/19 to 10/2/20) will be in the Sports Centre:

 Day  Group  Location  Time
 Monday  U13  Sports Centre  6:00pm to 7:00pm
 Monday  U15  Sports Centre  7:00pm to 7:00pm

Please click here for the list of Monday night Junior Academy coaches.

Helping Us

We are always in need of people to help out at Track and Field training and matches:

  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Team Managers
  • Volunteers for Monday night assistance

Please see the Help Us page for more details