Essex Cross Country League

This series of 5 races for those in school year 7 and above is run on a Saturday afternoon. First race is usually 10:30. To score in the individual competition you have to finish four of the five fixtures. Courses are suitable for spikes but they are not essential. It provides excellent preparation for the county, regional and national championships in addition to being an all-comer event. It’s four to score for a team in each age group and six for the senior men. Every finisher counts as in the case of a tie the winner is decided on count back. For this event, simply turn up in your club vest and run. Below are the dates of each fixture and full details will be posted as and when we receive them from the host club. There is no league website. Details of an invitational U11 event, if held, will also be posted. This is usually prior to the main programme.

Please note, that after your race you should pass the ticket or disk with your finish position to the team manager and clearly state your full name and age group. Corrections can be made at a later date but the more accurately we declare all the finishers from our club, the quicker the results can be published.

Veteran Teams: 3 ladies aged 35 years and over & teams of 4 men aged 40 years and over to score. You can score twice as for the seniors & veterans if you place high enough for the club. All teams to be declared after the race. Please give your finish disc to Ric or the member of the club who is collecting them. Vets – give you age group i.e. F35, F45, F55, F65, F75 & V40, V50, V60, V70.

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