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2021 Club plan documentThe full 2021 club plan documentC&C Strategic Plan 2021 v2
2021 Club Plan presentationPowerPoint summary of the 2021 club plan methodology and outputC&C 2021 club plan Explanation June 2021
Entry form for 16th May and 14th June C&C intra-club eventstimetable entry formEntry form for May 16th and June 14th 2021
CUAC Invitation event timetables 1st and 2nd May 2021TimetableTimetable for CUAC competition 1st and 2nd May 2021
Chair and Treasurer's report November 2020Chair and Treasurer's report November 2020Chair and Treasurer's report November 2020
Accounts to March 2020Examiner's Report: Accounts to 31st March 2020Cambridge and Coleridge Accounts to 31st March 2020
Operations Officer August 2020Operations Officer Job SpecificationC&C Operations Officer Job Specification August 2020volunteers
Covid-19 Risk AssessmentThis document was created as part of the "get back to training" plan during July 2020. It is important for multiple reasons: 1) The University of Cambridge required our risk assessment in order to re-open their facilities to us 2) We need to follow England Athletics advice regarding a risk assessment in order to retain our UKA insurance cover; and 3) It helped us form a plan of action for returning to training as safely as follows. Any comments or improvements please send them to the Chair of the club, Keith Clarke, on chair@cambridgeandcoleridge.org.ukCoronavirus Risk Assessment 6th July 2020general
Covid-19 Training Declaration FormBefore attending your first training session with a C&C group whether on-site or not, please read this document, sign, scan and return to coviddeclaration@cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk The rules behind this form itself and the declaration form part of the club's plan for dealing with the risks associated with Covid-19; and are a necessity to ensure we retain our UKA insurance cover and gain access to the University's facilities. Thank you for your understanding.C&C Covid-19 Training Declaration July 2020general
Covid-19 Club RulesPlease read these rules which are applicable for the duration of the Covid-19 restricted trainingC&C Covid-19 Club Rules July 2020general
Club Plan Briefing May 20202020 Club Plan briefing documentClub Plan briefing
Filming permission from UniversityIf there is filming at University property which is for broadcast a location agreement is needed.Seeking Permission to film activity for broadcast at the University of Cambridge property February 2020general
AGM Minutes 2019Draft Minutes of the AGM held at the Wilberforce Road track pavilion 26th November 2019DRAFT CnC Minutes of Annual General Meeting 26th November 2019general
Volunteer roles to make a difference at at Sept 2019Please put yourself forward to help ensure the club can run for the benefit of all, and gain yourself new skills in the processVolunteer Roles Sep 2019
Summary Welfare PolicySummary Welfare and Child Protection Policy, , 1.0general introduction welfare
C&C CIO Club rulesRules adopted in 2017 when we became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)CC rules 2017 CIO
C&C Committee StructureA description of the structure of the C&CAC committeecc-committee-structuregeneral
Code of Conduct for Parents / CarersA code of Conducts for all parents and carers - what the club expects etc., CC final Code of Conduct for parents Feb 2018introduction welfare
Volunteer roles March 2019The volunteer roles that still need filling March 2019Volunteers Roles Mar 2019
CC Expense FormC&C Expenses Form, , CC Expense form Mar 20191.0coaching general volunteers
Disciplinary ProcedureEngland Athletics National Disciplinary Procedures, Link to EA Documentgeneral welfare
Accounts summary to April 2017 to March 2018Unaudited accounts for C&CUnaudited C&C accounts April 2017 to March 2018general
2019 subscriptions proposalThe proposal for subscriptions presented at the 27th November 2018 AGM by the Treasurer161128subsproposalforAGM v2general
2018 AGM MinutesC&C AGM minutes from 27th November 2018DRAFT CnC Minutes of Annual General Meeting 27th November 2018general
WelcomeC&C Welcome Booklet, 1.0introduction welfare
Volunteer PolicyC&C Volunteer Policy1.0volunteers
Track RulesC&C Track Rules1.0event
Terms and ConditionsCU Sports Centre Terms and Conditions1.0general
Vulnerable AdultsUKA Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults1.0welfare
Safe and Fun LeafletBritish Athletics Safe and Fun leaflet, , 1.0general introduction welfare
GrievanceEA Grievance Procedures, 1.0introduction welfare
DisciplinaryEA Disciplinary Procedures, 1.0introduction welfare
Privacy and Data ProtectionC&C Privacy and Data Protection statement, , 1.0general introduction welfare
Memorandum of UnderstandingC&C / Cambridge University Understanding1.0general
InductionC&C Induction Notes1.0introduction
Incident GuidelinesC&C Incident Guidelines and Emergency Procedures1.0welfare
EYAL TimetableEYAL Match Timetable1.0event
Drop Off & Collection PolicyC&C Young Athletes drop off and collection policy, 1.0introduction welfare
Competition HandbookC&C Track and Field Competition Handbook, 1.0event introduction
Code of ConductCU Sports Centre Code of Conduct1.0general
Change of First Claim ClubUKA Form: Change of first claim club1.0general
Chairperson Role DescriptionC&C Chairperson Role description - for succession planning1.0general
CIO MembershipC&C Official Rules for CIO membership1.0general
C&C PlanC&C Plan / Short Term Strategy1.0general
Use of PhotographyUse of Photographic & Video Images of Children/Young People under the age of 18, , , , 1.0coaching event general volunteers welfare
Social MediaSocial media and digital communication with young people, , , 1.0coaching event volunteers welfare
Raising Concerns and ComplaintsGuidelines for raising concerns and complaints, , , , , 1.0coaching event general introduction volunteers welfare
Code of ConductCode of Conduct for Team Managers and Assistants, 1.0volunteers welfare
CC Constitution 2017 CIOC&C Constitution - Charitable Incorporated Organisation1.0general
ANGLIANTT 2018East Anglian League Match Timetable1.0event
2016 Safeguarding Children Welfare PolicyUKA Safeguarding Children Welfare Policy1.0welfare
10 Rules of Conduct for Training and CompetitionQuick list of 10 rules of conduct for behaviour on a track, at training or at competition, 1.0event introduction
Code of ConductCode of Conduct for Officials, 1.0volunteers welfare
Code of ConductCode of Conduct for Coaches, 1.0coaching welfare
Code of ConductCode of Conduct for Athletes, 1.0event welfare
2017 AGM MinutesC&C AGM Minutes from 28th November 2017DRAFT CnC Minutes of Annual General Meeting 28th November 20171.0general