Privacy and Data protection statement

Cambridge & Coleridge AC holds the data requested on the club‘s online membership form on a secure electronic database which is managed by STG, a company specialising in sports club membership systems. This database includes competing members, associate members, coaches, match officials, volunteers and vice presidents.

The data comprises full name, gender, date of birth, last known postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of joining C&C, date of last membership payment, and other membership related information.

Paper copies of this information will not be created.

This data is used by the club solely for administration purposes and e-mailings, and by the club team managers and officers to select teams in the various age-groups and to contact athletes. Only data relevant to team selection in their specific age-group will be released to team managers and the data released will be of least sensitive nature eg, name, e-mail address, Tel number, age on 31st August.

The above mentioned data is released to England Athletics Membership Services for purposes of athlete registration on behalf of England Athletics. The club affiliates to England Athletics and through them to UK Athletics. STG and the national governing bodies have data protection policies which comply with Data Protection Act requirements. Athlete registration is a requirement for competition.

In some team championships, the club may be required to state date of birth on team declaration sheets to prove that the athlete meets the age requirements.

The club will also collate and hold data on performances by athletes, which will be made available via the club website in the form of event results, annual club ranking statistics and club records. These will be limited to the athlete’s name, age-group at that time, and event performances. (Similar data is also held on the National performance database, Power of 10, on behalf of England Athletics collated from published event results).

Medical information from the membership application is also held on the electronic database, and this information will be released only to qualified medical personnel including para-medics, in the event of an accident or emergency.

Age group team managers may also ask members to voluntarily notify them of any important relevant medical issues so that they are aware in case of issues when athletes are competing at matches.

Neither STG nor the club will release any personal data to any third party who intends to make use of it for a commercial reason, or provide listings for sales/marketing purposes.

C&C will retain your data for the duration of your club membership and will delete your data from our database when you have resigned your club membership or when your membership has been terminated due to non-payment of subscription.

Performance data and club records will be retained indefinitely.

The club may from time to time receive other information e.g. in the form of complaints, or be required to formally or informally investigate actions of a member following such a complaint. In such cases any data acquired will:

a) be used only for any investigation of the issue under the club’s disciplinary procedures
b) be disclosed to England Athletics or British Athletics Welfare staff or the police only in order to facilitate their investigations or to solicit assistance and advice, and in such cases will then be covered by their own data protection policies
c) not be disclosed to any party not involved in the investigation or dispute
d) be retained only until such time as it is no longer relevant to the club’s current or future activities.