East Masters Athletics Club (EMAC)

Four matches with league table.  Separate men’s and women’s leagues.

Age groups – M35 – 49, M50-59, M60+, W35 – 49, W50+

Points per event and per match- 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1

Matches are normally on the first Wednesday evening of the month, May-Aug with an all-day final early in September – but please check the event schedule below for exact dates.

League information is found here

Club website  http://emac.org.uk/

Role Name E-mail
Team Manager Carole Morris vets@cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk

Please make sure you get your EMAC membership sorted out before the first match. All athletes must be EMAC members. Go to http://emac.org.uk/about-emac/emac-membership/ for details on how to join.

Here are the latest EVAC league men’s and women’s records.

The upcoming EMAC matches are as follows: