To join the club, the annual individual subscription, which includes the England Athletics registration fee, access to all C&C sessions throughout the year and all supported league competitions:

  • Unwaged athlete £65
  • Waged athlete £75
  • Associate £6
  • For higher education students who are living away from Cambridge the unwaged subscription is reduced to £45

We have family membership for families with three or more active members.

If you are not already a member, please inquire by contacting

How to Join - Young AthletesHow to Join - AdultsRenewing/UpdatingWhat we expectFAQ

How to Join – Young Athletes

If you are a parent/carer of a young athlete – aged between 11 and 14 on the next 31st of August – we have the following process in place:

  • Contact the club at and ask for the athlete to be put on the waiting list
  • The club will contact you and invite you to a set of 2 induction sessions which will be held at the track
  • The athlete and parent / carer both attend the first session, where expectations will be set for behaviour, attendance and volunteering
  • The athlete will then attend a further introduction session to show the full range of events that the club supports and to start their training
  • Hopefully, the athlete will want to join the club, so to then attend further sessions please click here.

Please see the membership documents here for further information, or contact the club at

How to Join – Adults

If you are aged over 14 and want to join the club, firstly contact the club at to describe your reasons for wanting to join – this will enable us to put you in contact with the right coaches.  We will get in touch and advise as to when would be appropriate to come and see us and who to chat to to introduce you to the club.

We are happy for athletes to try a couple of sessions before becoming a member of the club, so please just get in touch, and then come along to the track when it is confirmed.

When you are ready to join, please click here.

If you are a first claim member of another England Athletics affiliated club and wish to join C&C first claim, you will also need to make a change of first claim club application via England athletics by clicking here.

Note that most club communication will be via e-mail, so please make sure that you put down an e-mail address that is used regularly, and that you tick “Yes” for receiving club information.  Also note that you will be asked to give details of any medical conditions or medications.  This is so that, in the unlikely event of an accident or health issue, we can advise paramedics and doctors of important details.  It will not be shared more widely.

See the membership documents here for further information, and contact us on if you have any questions. Also see the Train section to see when and where we train

Renewing your membership

  • To renew your membership, or keep it up to date, please log into the membership system by clicking here.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, click here, follow the instructions and the username and password will be sent to your registered email address.
  • If you are unable to renew by credit or debit card, please get in touch with the membership secretary at
  • Please keep your details up to date – particularly your email address as all critical e-mails will come via this address.

What we expect

Please read the documents, which apply to you, on the guidelines and documents web page.

We are keen that all members should get the most they can from the club, while understanding that athletics has a different priority for different members and that some will want to do more than others. The following notes are intended to give guidance on the broad expectation the club has of members:

  • Members are expected to participate fully in the club so that the enjoyment and success of all can be enhanced. This means taking part in team events, whenever possible, or helping out in other ways to try to make events successful.
  • All members are expected to treat each other with respect and to adopt the club’s equal opportunities policy.
  • It is important that all activities are carried out safely. Equipment should be used only as appropriate for the relevant event. Members should NEVER cross the infield at the track except when part of a supervised group of throwers or taking part in a throwing event. All members should be aware of the activities of other athletes and avoid getting in each other’s way, through, for example, poor lane discipline.


Where do you train?
How do I join the Young Athletes Academy waiting list?

The waiting list is only for young athletes in school years 6-10 (10 years old to 15). If you wish to join the list send details of the athlete’s name, age, and school year to

How long is the Young Athletes Academy waiting list?

After the UK Olympics and then Scottish Commonwealth Games we saw a huge uptick in athletics and went through a period of large growth. Now, fortunately and unfortunately, we are usually at full capacity and the waiting time can be 6+ months. When there is capacity, we invite athletes and parents to induction events which are usually in early spring and late summer. Our capacity is limited both by physical space at the track and Sportshall (winter) and by the number of coaches and helpers. We are doing everything we can to give everyone a chance to try athletics as soon as possible. The introduction of the Academy in 2019 may lead to fewer but more committed young members which may lead to shorter waiting times.

How do I join if I'm a younger athlete?

Unfortunately we do not have resources or capacity to support young athletes before year 6 (10/11 years old), however we are okay for year 5s to go on the waiting list in the summer before they move up. We also partner with Community clubs wherever possible who support the younger age groups.

How do I join if I'm an older athlete?

For adults and young athletes over 14, interested in track and field, come along on a Tuesday evening in the summer, when most coaches will be around, and ask for advice but please email first to make sure there will be someone to help you giving some detail of your background in athletics, if any, and interests. You may find it helpful to come along to an induction evening and will be very welcome.

For athletes interested in road or cross-country running, come along to a Tuesday night training session (summer or winter), join in and see if you like it.

Can I just come along and try road running?

We have a big mixed ability group of all ages from 16 to 80+ which goes out on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as a Women’s Running Group and Beginners Running Group on Mondays at the track. Tuesday is probably the best day for the general group to just come along and see if you like it. We’re very happy for you to come along two or three times completely free before joining. Most people enjoy it and many have been coming along for years. It’s a big friendly group, trying to improve, or minimise decline. You’ll be made very welcome. Look at the road running group page to find out more.

What provision does the club have for athletes with disabilities?

The club is open to anyone who wishes to participate in athletics and athletes with disabilities are most welcome.  Over the years C&C have initiated the careers of international Paralympic and Special Olympics athletes.

Where possible athletes with disabilities train with the main event squads or young athletes training groups, but there may be some circumstances where this is not always possible e.g. wheelchair racing or where athletes have severe learning difficulties.

In these circumstances the club will make special arrangements with coaches whenever possible, but there may be a minority of situations where we recommend a more suitable alternative.

The facilities used by C&C are all accessible for wheelchair users and athletes with other disabilities.

For those unable to run, we have a wheelchair training squad that meets on Mondays at 6pm. Please email for more information

How much are subscriptions?

Please see above for the current rates – Members can use the track completely free of charge for sessions booked by the club and the coaches’ time and entry to many league competitions.

To use the track at any other time, when it is not booked by another user, a track card is available from the University. C&C members are also eligible for a reduced fee and it can be obtained by visiting the University of Cambridge Sports Centre or track reception and saying you are a C&C member

What athletic events do you cater for?

We cover all events in track and fieldcross-countryroad running and have a small group of fell runners.

We have leagues for U13s to over 60s (Juniors, Seniors and Masters)

What happens at an induction evening?

At induction evenings, there is a presentation to parents/carers and young athletes. The athletes have an opportunity to try out some activities and to see what our existing young members are doing. Athletes should wear loose clothing and trainers. The meetings are informal and there is plenty of time for questions. Parents/carers will be invited to an induction evening when they have reached the top of the waiting list – they are held on Monday evenings at 7.00, at the track.

Do I have to attend an induction rather than just “coming along”?

For athletes under 15 years old, we run the Young Athletes Academy which is at capacity and we ask that you join the waiting list by emailing We then invite parent/carers and athletes to attend the induction session at the track which explains how the academy work and important safety information.

Although we are okay for seniors and masters to just turn up on a Tuesday at the track for the running groups that is not so easy for track and field, namely Sprints, Jumps and Throws, it is best to email first to indicate what you are interested in so that we can arrange for you to meet the right coach.

Can I have a trial to see if I like it?

Yes, you can come along on a trial basis for three weeks to decide whether you want to join and there are many people who can help you decide what to get involved in!

But note, young athletes must attend an induction evening first for the Monday Academy – after the two inductions we give you two weeks to decide whether to join.

Do you offer anything for young people in school year 5 or below?

Young athletes have different levels of physical and mental maturity from older athletes and their needs are different. We are keen to provide support appropriate to the needs of all young people. A number of Community Clubs, some originally set up by C&C but now run independently, are available to provide for youngsters in years 5 and below. The clubs are aimed at youngsters in school years 3 to 6 inclusive. (Year 6 children are also eligible to join C&C as full members if they wish.) Please get in touch with the named person for the community club which suits you best.