Training Options

For 11 to 14 year olds we have the Junior Academy on Monday evenings.  For adults, over 14s and selected younger athletes, we provide training on up to 5 days per week across the event groups (track and field, endurance running, etc) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

For further details please contact the club on [email protected]

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Junior Academy

Athletes from 11-14 years old (U13 and U15) train at the Junior Academy on Monday evenings (unless specifically invited to another session by a coach).

If you are a member and have already been through an induction, then please come to the pavilion upstairs at the track before the session starts, or come to the sports hall – unless you have been invited to a specific coaching group.

If you are not yet a member, then please email [email protected] to get on the waiting list.

Summer season (19/2/24 to 21/10/24) is the start of the Junior Academy at the track:

 Day  Group  Location  Time
 Monday  Rotation/Beginners and participative athletes  Track  6:30 pm
 Monday  Progression athletes (who’ve been invited by coaches)  Track  7:30 pm

NOTE: all athletes of both age groups should assume they are in the first session unless invited to the second session by a coach.

Winter season (from 30/10/23 to 12/2/24) will be meeting at the Sports Centre, unless invited to a track session by a coach:

 Day  Group  Location  Time
 Monday  All athletes  Sports Centre Arrive by 6:15pm, finish at 7:45pm

Please bring shoes that are sensible for running on the track AND a set of shoes specifically for indoor work – the shoes will be checked if the athletes are indoors.

Please click here for the list of Monday night Junior Academy coaches.

Track and Field

Track and field training for selected U15, U17, Senior and Masters (over 35s) athletes is as follows:

Day Events Summer Winter
Monday Squads by arrangement with coach Track, 6.30pm Track, 6.30pm
Tuesday All events (young athletes by invite only) Track, 6.30pm Track, 6.30pm
Thursday All events (young athletes by invite only) Track, 6:30pm Sports centre, 6:00pm
Track, 6.30pm
Saturday Squads by arrangement with coach Track, 10.00am Track, 10.00am

Thursdays winter season 2022/2023: 02/11/23 to 29/2/24

To train at other times, it is necessary to purchase a track pass from the University and book through the University App.

Upcoming Track & Field Training Sessions

The Track and field group page also contains other track and field information.

Endurance Running

Day Session Location Time

Monday night running group

Women’s running group



6:30pm – 7:30pm

6:20pm – 7:35pm

Tuesday Tempo session West Site 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Wednesday Intervals / Speedwork (Cambridge)
All events – By arrangement with coaches (Carver)
Carver Track

Cambridge – 7:30pm
Carver – 6:30pm
Thursday Marathon group Track 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Any questions, please contact [email protected]

Upcoming Road Running training sessions

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Cross Country

Please see the Endurance Training sessions on the previous “Road running” tab – Contact [email protected]

Upcoming Cross Country Events

The Cross Country group page also contains other cross country information


Day Events Location Time

Wheelchair, Racerunning,

Other Events – please contact for details

Track 6:30pm

Contact [email protected]

Upcoming Disability Events

The Disability group page also contains other disability athletics information


All of our coaches are volunteers, giving up their time to coach C&C AC athletes.

To contact the track and field coaches, please contact [email protected]

To contact the road running and cross country coaches, please contact [email protected]

Young Athlete Development

  • Young Athletes want to train for fun and companionship, many will also wish to compete in a few or many different events. We encourage both competition and volunteering (for older athletes) as these are linked to athletic and personal development. The aim of all coaching and support activity is that athletes of all ages are able to achieve their maximum potential and personal goals.
  • Different types of coaching are required to satisfy the specific needs of the various age ranges and to ensure that the process is one of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) rather than short term performance gain.
  • Participation in athletics should develop according to age:
  1. At all age groups the club adheres to the recommendations associated with the principles associated with LTAD.
  2. Athletics and coaching for the age range 8 to 10 should be almost entirely fun activity based, using games and skill development, in order to create a good general athletic base for future development. C&C AC unfortunately do not have the resources to support this age-group at this time but partner with other organisations that do.
  3. In the age range 11 to 12 (the under 13s) activity should be multi-skill based, without specialisation, focused on “Learning to train” principles, and above all, fast and fun, but introducing competitive activity through league teams and local/regional championships.
  4. In the age range 13 to 14 (the under 15s) athletes will usually be able to focus on their main skills, and the appropriate event group(s), whilst being encouraged to maintain activity in other skill/event groups, with due attention to long term development needs.
  5. At 15 to 16 (the under 17s) athletes will generally already have selected a single event or event group on which they wish to focus, but will still be actively encouraged to participate in other events, with due attention to long term development needs.
  6. At age 17 and above (i.e. under 20s and Seniors) athletes will have finally decided on the events on which they wish to focus, and the level to which they wish to pursue those events. A continual process of talent identification will enable each athlete to find their most appropriate level of participation, whilst allowing for their performance development; and providing a sorting process, to identify potential national/international standard performers. Targets set by coaches must be consistent with:
    • the personal wishes/goals of the athlete and
    • the family or external demands on athletes.
  • The athlete or their guardians must always be consulted and agree to any final decisions.

Senior Athletes

  • The aim of all coaching and support activity is that athletes are able to achieve their maximum potential and personal goals.
  • We welcome people of all ages to train with us, 11 or 94 years old.
  • You may wish to focus on Endurance, Sprinting, Jumping or Throwing or you may wish to train in different groups on different days.
  • However, we do ask athletes to talk to coaches at the track and ask whether there is space and any special requirements to join a particular group.
  • Most squads will have beginners and more advanced athletes although the training plans and expectations will be very different.
  • Some club members will want to train simply for personal satisfaction and fitness, whilst others will wish to participate in competition at their chosen level. This must be their personal choice – although we will encourage competition as we participate in a very wide range of leagues, from young athlete to masters; track and field, road running and cross country.