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Like all sports clubs, we can only operate with the goodwill of many people helping out. If you are able to spare some time you could make a difference in your community.

If you’re willing to consider helping the athletes train and compete in some capacity, please send a note to [email protected] saying what you’re interested in helping with.  One of us will get in touch to discuss the options further with you.

The list of current positions that we would like assistance on is as follows:

Title Role Description Who to contact
Team managers We need team managers to help with the organisation of the club competitions [email protected]
Welfare Team Members We are trying to increase the size of the welfare team to support our members [email protected]
IT Administrator Someone to support the club backend – Google Workspace [email protected]
Website Administrator Someone to support the website – WordPress [email protected]
Monday Front Desk Front desk helpers to ensure we get the kids to the right places [email protected]
Publicity Officer Someone to help get the news that we do have into the papers [email protected]
Plenty of other options – please come and help the club! [email protected]
How the club worksCoachingManaging teamsOfficialsOpen vacanciesClub Management

How the club works

Like all sports clubs, we can only operate with the goodwill of many people helping out. We expect most parents to volunteer to help in some capacity while their children are with the club; and it’s common for families who are more active in the club to feel much more engaged and get greater enjoyment from athletics. We have lots of opportunities for volunteering and, wherever possible, we run rotas to share the tasks out fairly.

Whether you are an athlete or parent or just want to make a difference in your community – there is a role that you could do:

  • Coaches and coaching assistants to help us all train and develop
  • Officials and marshalls to ensure we can run competitions
  • Team managers and League organisers to help us select teams for competitions
  • Desk management and administration for running Monday young athletes academy
  • Coffee and tea helpers in the clubhouse on training nights
  • “Tuck shop” helpers at home matches
  • Welfare assistants and first aid support
  • Committee members

Please email [email protected] if you are willing to help make a difference in your community.


Great coaches help develop full athletic potential. The club couldn’t operate without them.

So we are keen to support new people into coaching as well as existing coaches in their development.

Of course we will pay the fee for England Athletics coaching courses and development, but we do request a minimum commitment from the coach in exchange.

The England Athletics Coaching pages here contain a wealth of information about how to get into Coaching within the #gocoach program.

If you are interested in getting started or would like to further development please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or talking to one of the existing coaches.

The details of England Athletics courses are here and it may be possible to provide financial support for courses from other providers too.  Please ask.

If you are booking courses yourself you can get club prices for the courses – the club affiliation number is 2657759.

Managing teams

The club enters teams into several different leagues and competitions throughout the year and we need volunteers to manage team selection for a given competition/age/gender. This role ensures all our athletes get the opportunity to compete and set Personal Bests.

While this is an ideal role for a parent whose child is in that competition, it would also suit a younger person as part of their DoE volunteering (if supervised appropriately).

Ideally a couple of people manage a team so the competitions can be covered even when one person is unavailable.

Please email [email protected] to register your interest.


At every match that the club attends, we provide multiple officials to ensure that the match runs safely, fairly and efficiently. Often the club will lose points if we don’t provide sufficient officials.

These roles are an ideal way to learn more about athletics as a parent, athlete or volunteer.

Initial training will be sponsored and mentoring is provided to develop skills and responsibilities – this really helps the club in the long term. With a large team of trained officials, the competitions can be covered very well.

The roles include: Track judges, Timing judges, Starter team, Field officials, marshalls and Match referees (with experience).

Please email [email protected] to register your interest.

Open vacancies

As of March 2023, there are a number of open vacancies that we need filling to effectively run the club: Please email [email protected] if you are able to help make a difference in your community and learn new skills:

  • Monday night Welfare assistants
  • Monday night administration (on-hold until post-covid measures)
    • registers, desks and refreshments coordination
  • Publicity Officer
    • Push relevant news to the local newspapers through the season
  • IT Specialist
    • help administer the backend systems we employ
  • First aiders for Young athletes academy on Mondays

Club Management

C&C is large club with over 800 members as of March 2023. We are always looking for people are able to share responsibility for leading and managing so that our athletes can train and compete; and our coaches can coach.

In an ideal world the leadership team (which is the committee) would include the following (roles may change with individuals skills):

  • President – experienced individual to ensure good governance is maintained (like a Chair in a business)
  • Chair – Chairs the committee meetings and accountable for direction setting and strategic development (like a Chief executive)
  • Treasurer – accountable for the annual financial management of the club
  • Committee Secretary – Book meeting rooms, take notes at meetings and publish minutes (Currently vacant)
  • Club Operating Officer – Ensuring the smooth running of the club, main assistant to Chair (like a Chief Operating Officer) (Currently vacant)
  • Track and Field co-ordinator – to lead the team managers and league organisers for the track and field group
  • Endurance co-ordinator – to lead the endurance committee, providing training and competition co-ordination for long distance events
  • Coaching co-ordinator – Track and Field – co-ordinating the track and field coaches (Currently vacant)
  • Coaching co-ordinator – Endurance – co-ordinating the endurance coaches
  • Young athletes co-ordinator – co-ordinating the Monday night training sessions
  • Membership secretary – responsible for all membership related activities including relationships with EA regarding registration
  • Welfare Officer – Accountable for ensuring good welfare and safeguarding practice is followed in the club
  • “Member without portfolio” –  experienced individual to provide general assistance to the committee in a variety of areas
  • “Operations Manager for Carver”

Please email [email protected] to register your interest in helping our club.