View from the Chair, April 2020

Dear member,

As a reader of the New Scientist, I was heartened to read that not only does regular exercise help improve mental health, lung function and our cardiovascular system, it also boosts our immune system.  Especially for those of us on the far side of our 20s, various systems start to slow down. Exercise boosts at least three important immune system components back closer to that of a younger person. It’s nice to know our membership comes with added benefits.

So while we aren’t able to provide the full social experience of face to face exercise with other club members, we have put together some information to help in your quest to stay fit and healthy here where you’ll find some pointers to ensure we can stay motivated to take exercise. My son and I have been doing some core sessions in our garden, for example – easy when the sun is shining, of course. Some of these can even be done indoors (without medicine ball though)!

We’ve also taken the opportunity to update the website front page with sliders for the main sections of the club – please go and have a look and we appreciate any feedback you may have.

The Cambourne 10k was to be held as I write this, Sunday 5th April – the team had put a lot of work into organising this event and so it was a real shame to have to cancel – our thanks go to them and all those who had signed up. They put on a livestream of the event and It will be back next year so expect to hear more in the autumn about the 2021 Cambourne 10k.

In the meantime, keep exercising as much as the rules allow and stay safe.


Keith Clarke

Chair, C&C AC