Your virtual Cambridge Cambourne 10k and Fun Run

I know that many of you were so disappointed with this year’s cancellation of the Cambridge Cambourne 10k and Fun Run, and had trained so hard to be there. Firstly, thank you to so many of you agreeing to defer their place until next year, we are so appreciative.

I have had messages from runners, saying that they are going to run a 10k on Sunday 5th April 2020 anyway. So, if you can go out and run a 10k or the Fun Run safely and had entered our events,  anywhere in the country, then we will send you your medal. Please make this your only form of outside exercise that day and fulfil all your social distancing requirements.  All we ask is that you copy a GPS trace into an email and send it to us, with your name and address, to [email protected].

Happy running……….and stay safe.