Working with Injury Active sports therapists

As a club we try to create relationships with specific suppliers with relevant skills – sports therapists are always high on this list.

Ben Davies has been working with Injury Active and has obtained a 20% discount for all club members as well as a working relationship involving quarterly drop in clinics at the track to assess injuries etc. They have several clinics in the area, so are perfectly suited to support the club.

Here is a quick description of what they will provide:

Drop in clinics – Quarterly or so, we pop down to a training session and offer some free of charge injury advice, mini assessments and treatment recommendations. Obviously not in as much depth as we would usually when in clinic, but this does allow some contact for those that might not be able to access the clinic.

Discount – 20% off appointments with Injury Active.

Communication – Reports after consultations and ongoing updates regarding the injury and recovery process.

For the drop in clinics, we will notify everyone of the dates through the website calendar and newsletters.

If you want to take advantage of the discount, you will need your UK Athletics Registration number so that they can check that you are a member of the club.

The contact details are below: