View from the Chair – January 2020

Dear all,

Welcome to the first Chair’s message of 2020 – what an auspicious year. I remember quite well numerous business strategy programmes which looked forward to 2020 which seemed such a long way off then – I wonder how many of those will have delivered what those organisations wished for.

With that I’ll segue to talk briefly about our Vision, Mission, Strategy; In November I mentioned some of our major areas of focus but actually it’s about time we re-visited our Vision and Mission. It was last updated in 2015 I believe. With the help of the committee, I’d like us to revisit and review what we’re about and I hope as many of you as possible will be able to have your say. This won’t be a rushed exercise so do expect to hear more over the coming months.

The second topic I wanted to raise was the Cambourne 10k and the C&C Trust. The Cambourne 10k this year will be held on Sunday 5th April. Every year hundreds of runners enjoy the largely off-road route and raise thousands for nominated charities and the C&C Trust. Details about the trust and who is eligible to apply for grants can be found on the C&C Trust tab on our website.

For example, over the last couple of years we agreed to support the “Run for your Life” organisation founded by Carrie Bedingfield – you’ll see some familiar faces on their website as a number of C&C members help there.  An excellent organisation encouraging people from all walks of life to give running a go in a small and friendly environment. Our  donations helped them train some coaches and buy some safety equipment.

I hope you enjoy the continued cross country season and all the best for 2020.

Best regards,

Keith Clarke,

Chair, C&C