Update on C&C runners in the USA

Several C&C members were in action in the USA NCAA Collegiate program this weekend. The NCAA is the organisation that organises the athletic programs of  colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. It attracts many top athletes to its member universities due to its generous scholarships. Athletes can excel in their sport and combine it with their academic studies.

Alice Newcombe in her third year at Tulsa University and has reached her second NCAA Cross Country final as part of her Tulsa team.

Kieran Wood, in his final year of a masters at Missouri has also made the NCAA finals as an in individual.

The NCAA finals are taking place on the 15th March. We wish them both every success.

Another C&C athlete, Shannon Flockart was also in action in the states. Shannon has competed for C&C, Cambridgeshire and England regularly over the last few years and is now in her first year at Providence College. Shannon made a great debut finishing 17th out of a field of over 90, helping her team finish third in the Big East Championships.