Stars urgently needed

With apologies to my family and good sense, I’ll start with a (clean) Limerick:


“There was once a club looking for ‘stars’

Not the kind to reach for planet Mars

But the sort to get stuff done,

while the other folk run

Friendly and modest, and not at all like despotic Czars”


Let me make this simple – We need people to put themselves forward to fill the following roles else it will become fiendishly difficult to continue operating after the AGM in November:


  1. A new Welfare Officer to support the committee ensuring everyone at the club is able to stay safe and have fun
  2. A new Monday night coordinator to ensure we have registers for the young people, and rotas to cover the desk and summer-time refreshments
  3. A Supporters Club Leader / Volunteers Coordinator to oversee recruitment, induction, communication and retention of volunteers for our Supporters Club activities
  4. A committee Secretary – having the chair of the meeting write up his own notes is not productive!


Please email me if you are willing to learn new skills and ensure the club continues to function. A club of this size means that many people are required to be “stars” for their community and we always need more.


We are working hard to ensure all the roles can be performed by people with families and jobs – we can’t rely on retirees for everything (as fantastic as they are).


I’d like to thank those that came to the Supporters Club meeting last Thursday, we did get some new people coming forward but we’re not there yet with the leadership roles and certainly will need more doers too.


The full list of specific roles can be found here.


Thank you and apologies again for the terrible Limerick.