Key news from AGM held on 26th November 2019

Dear members,

You now have a club that can still operate for the year ahead – phew. Please find the full minutes here.

The committee for the year ahead was elected and the accounts from last year were viewed and noted.

The key information that you need to know is that due to an increase in England Athletics fees and a 5% increase in university facility fees, we have reluctantly increased fees for all members by £3/year. This will apply for all membership renewals on 1st January onwards. This is the prudent approach as there are some items of income we can’t be certain of next year.

Final note, our members do like to challenge us to find new ways to do things. This year we nearly had to abandon the event due to insufficient numbers – we’d even offered free cake and drinks; and the event lasted 30 minutes only. Our challenge is find even more inventive ways to bribe and cajole you into coming along next year 😉

All the best,

Keith Clarke, Chair