HELP please – Cambridge Cambourne 10k volunteers

Cambridge Cambourne 10k, Sunday 2nd April 2023 (and Saturday 1st)

The Cambridge Cambourne 10k, is on Sunday 2nd  April 2023.  Our club 10k generates substantial funds for charity, including the club trust fund, and is organised by us with support from Cambourne Town Council.  This is an important event for the club; our reputation locally and ability to contribute to the local community (including the club’s trust fund) are closely linked to it.  Please offer to help if you possibly can, we need at least 24 volunteers to make it work, with the jobs primarily being marshalling at the start and finish along with a few people helping to set up the course.  The race has been very successful but it needs everyone to chip in.

Helping at the 10k counts as a qualification for the London marathon ballot in 2024!

If you can help with the event, please email [email protected] including the email address you want to be contacted on and a phone number.

Please do this in the next few days – it saves the race team a lot of stress if we have early volunteers – thank you.

And, if you’re keen to run, entries are open at the website above.  In that case, please think about helping set up the day before.  We’ve got it down to a fine art and it doesn’t take long – about an hour and a half, probably in the early afternoon.  It makes a big difference. Thanks again.