Frostbite Friendly League – Race Report: Sunday 8th December 2019


168 junior runners and 415 seniors took part in the third Frostbite Friendly League meet, at Ramsey 1940’s Camp, on Sunday 8thDecember. In bright sunshine after significant rainfall, 24 seniors and 7 juniors took part to represent Cambridge & Coleridge AC; just one of the 15 Cambridgeshire Clubs participating in this winter series. There was a good deal of mud to contend with round the field edges and whilst a few puddle-strewn farm tracks offered better purchase for the seniors, a brisk headwind sweeping the fens added a different challenge.

C&C AC’s seniors earned a points’ score for the match placing them in fifth position behind Riverside, BRJ, Hunts AC & Yaxley. Duncan Coombs was C&C’s star of the match, finishing in first place overall, with team-mates Rob Mahen and Rob Prichard close behind. Chloe Haines, Jane Packman and Emma Etheridge made up the female scoring contingent for the team.

C&C’s junior team placed a well-earned second after the swift and multitudinous Hunts AC, whose runners finished in positions 1-6. Josh Vale & Elizabeth McCluskey were the first C&C junior male and female to complete the roughly 1.5 mile course in 8thand 35thplace, with Harry Hiscock, Isaac Pembery and Immy Pembery making up the rest of the scorers for the junior team.

After three races, Cambridge & Coleridge AC Seniors are in fourth position behind Riverside Runners, BRJ and Hunts AC. Despite a slow start to the season owing to lower attendance numbers, the Juniors are in eleventh place and stand to gain a great deal following today’s sterling performance.

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Junior Results

Position                                   time

8          Josh Vale                     10.25

16        Harry Hiscock              10:53

19        Isaac Pembery            11:07

35        Elizabeth McCluskey   11:49

49        GeorgeSallows           12:09

52        Immy Pembery           12:14

60        Seraphina Harris         05:16


Senior Results


1          Duncan Coombs         28:05

9          Rob Mahen                 30:07

11        Alan Prichard              30:11

58        John Morley                33:42

60        Gabriele Funagalli       33:50

67        Andrew Parsons          34:07

102      Liam Sullivan               35:42

110      Jonathan Griffiths       35:59

124      Chloe Haines               37:05

132      CharlieRitchie             37:16

135      Jane Packman             37:21

139      Ben Chamberlain        37:30

151      Emma Etheridge         38:11

163      Robert Crida                38:37

168      Karen Cameron           38:51

208      Michael Brentnall       40:35

238      Roger Pembery           42:09

244      Roberta Lanaro           42:33

249      Claire Pembery           42:43

250      David Ousby                42:46

265      Glyn Smith                  43:46

274      Andy Irvine                  44:10

309      Diana Braverman        46:34

373      Sue Brentnall              53:01