EAL Records & We Need Your Results!

Following the start of the EAL and EYAL events on Sunday 24th April event at Norwich, this is a request for all your event experiences and/or PBs.

For some races we have results we can easily publish, but in others, we rely on you letting us know.

Please help us share your achievements in our Club News – just email news@cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk with stats, photos or race reports.

In EAL news, huge congratulations to Leah Wagstaff and Lila-Belle Nacca on their weekend results.
Leah’s 11.0 in the 75Hurdles is the fastest in the UK so far in 2022, is in the top 20 UK all time and an EAL record by 0.3 seconds.
Lila-Belle started 2022 club comps with a 12.4 100m and a 25.5 200m, which put her 2nd and 4th respectively in the U15G UK rankings.
Well done!