Club plan for 2021 and beyond. Please read/view

Dear all,

Every few years the club’s leadership team undertake a review of the current context and status and create a plan to indicate priorities for the future. The last time this was done was 2016/17 – with excellent timing I decided to start work on this one just before the pandemic started in February 2020 !

We restarted in March this year and now have some output to share. Please do look at the output of our work as we’d love to hear your feedback – talk to myself or any one of the committee if you want to know more or how to help make it happen.

To give you maximum options please choose your favourite method to find out more:

  1. Read the PowerPoint summary here.
  2. View a quick video by myself talking through the summary here.
  3. Read the full document here

The overall themes are:

  1. To improve the sustainability of the club’s organisation and operations
  2. To enhance the positive impact of club membership
  3. To extend the impact of the club out into the community

Thank you for reading.


Keith Clarke