Call for new coaches and officials

Hello all,

This mainly applies to the Junior Academy but has repercussions across the club as a whole.

The club is run by volunteers and a small number of committee members have worked tirelessly to get the club back up and running during this time. They have in turn been supported by coaches and then more recently officials which enabled us as a club to put on a number of track and field meetings over the last few weeks.

A number of problems have been overcome but many still need to be addressed and in some ways, this gives us a unique opportunity to make some changes which are both short- and medium-term but will also help with a long-term vision for the club.

Both coaching courses and officials courses are moving online which makes things easier to both sign-up and complete the course. With that in mind, I would like anyone interested to sign up here

If you have any questions please email

Many thanks,

Ric Park