Back to track: Covid Declaration for 29th March 2021 onwards

Updated 18th March 2021

Please fill out a Covid declaration again, fresh for 2021 – in preparation for return to group training:

Dear all,

It’s great news that we can re-start to use the University’s Wilberforce Road track facilities for training again from Monday 29th March 2021. As last year, we do need to ensure we keep everyone safe by restricting the numbers at each session and ensuring everyone is aware of the rules. If all goes well, we can remove all remaining restrictions from sometime in the early summer.

Until then, I need to ask all of you who train with the club to sign the declaration form to indicate that you understand the rules we have put in place – before you train for the first time after 29th March 2021. This document points towards a special set of Club rules as well as the most recent England Athletics guidelinesYou only need to fill out the declaration form once, not every week.

You will be giving explicit confirmation that you’ll inform the coach or a club official if you are tested positive within 14 days of training with a C&C group. This allows us to run a COVID-Secure environment.

By signing up to the sign-up sheets for a track session and ticking the relevant box each time you train, you are acknowledging you are still free from Covid and understand your responsibilities to others.

This will allow us to ensure

1) Everyone can enjoy athletes training even during the on-going Coronavirus pandemic. By understanding and following some basic rules, we can continue to do that while minimising risks

2) You retain UKA insurance – we need to show how we are following the latest England Athletics guidelines

3)  We are following the University of Cambridge’s rules – we followed the EA’s examples to produce C&C’s risk assessment. One of the most important risk mitigation actions is to ensure we communicate the operating procedures to all concerned. The Declaration, backed up by the rules, is an effective way of doing this.

Thank you in advance.


Keith Clarke

Chair, C&C AC