Volunteers Needed @ Cambridge Cambourne 10k, Sunday 10th April

Thank you to those who have already volunteered. However, we are still short of volunteer numbers to put on a safe event for the Cambridge Cambourne 10k.
We need volunteers for Sunday 10 April; the race starts earlier this year (9:30) so it will only take up a morning.

If you can help with the event, please email cambourne10kcommittee@cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk, including your email address and phone number.

Cambridge Cambourne 10k, Sunday 10th April 2022
The club’s 10k, the Cambridge Cambourne 10k & Fun Run, is on Sunday 10th April 2022.  The race generates substantial funds for charity, including the club trust fund, and is organised by us with support from Cambourne Town Council.  This is an important event for C&C.  Our reputation locally and our ability to contribute to the local community (including the club’s trust fund) are closely linked to it.  Please offer to help if you possibly can.

As an extra incentive, helping at the 10k counts as a qualification for the London Marathon ballot in 2023!