Views from the lockdown – Senior jumps group

Training in Lockdown: a view from the C&C Senior Jumps squad

“Although lockdown hasn’t been as negative as we may be expected, I think it’s fair to say that life indoors is far from ideal. Initially, the idea of training during lockdown seemed almost impossible as lack of space and hands-on training meant that we assumed we wouldn’t really be able to train in the same way as we had been. However, our coach, Ben, has managed to keep training going in the right direction despite these obstacles and we have been able to follow a programme as specific as before lockdown began, involving options for small or larger space workouts depending on the athletes home situation. We are in the lucky position of being siblings that train together for similar events, so we are really grateful to have each other to motivate us to train and just in general keep our spirits high. Training during lockdown has definitely been an interesting experience so far, and one that goes through definite up and down patches (as do our moods), but exercise is undoubtedly the most important aspect in remaining sane and without our training programme this would have been much harder!” – Ade, Carmen and Hector Omitowoju

“Training is going well. Doing the programs set by the physio, also using the opportunity to stretch the posterior chain. Coach has set a wonderful program, enjoying the lockdown and using the opportunity to improve my flexibility.” – John Adekoya

“Training during Lockdown I think has its positives and negatives but like I think like most of the negatives either me or my coach have worked to limit the impacts on my training for example I find training on my own very boring so instead I train outside on the green in the sun playing music which helps me to stay more motivated. Also, things like injuries and stuff I work with Ben and a physio through email to check up if anything’s wrong. Organization of training is simple because I just follow the instructions of the program given to me by my coach and it’s actually enjoyable too as we still change the training every cycle to keep it interesting.” – Deshawn Lascelles

“Lockdown is much better than I had expected, though far from what I am used to. Keeping regular exercise in my routine has been great in many ways, particularly staying positive and feeling strong still. I have been following the training my coach is giving me and his feedback. This has meant it continues to be focused and I am able to push myself harder with clear aims. A couple times per week I do a sprints-based session at the park and other days, circuits at home in the garden.”  – Emma Hayward