Dear member,

As I write this in late August, we’re in the middle of the Paralympic Games. It’s been a ritual in our family to watch the highlights show of the Olympics and now the Paralympics every night over dinner. We love to see competitors from all corners of the globe, hearing their stories and enjoying the highs and lows of competition.

It was pleasing to see the spread of medals among the nations for athletics – the most ever. Athletics really is one of the most accessible and open sports available. I’m reminded that it’s nice to see great performances and results, and it’s also heartening to know we’re a broad and deep club with nearly 600 members, welcoming people of all levels and backgrounds.

We’re coming towards the end of a strange summer of athletics with competitions and events packed into the second half of the year – it’s been good to see some of you competing for the club on the track and thanks to our band of officials and team managers, without whom none of these events could happen.

September is always a transitional month. The end of the track and field season but soon to be the start of hard winter training and the cross country season. The return from holidays and back to school for some. Off on holidays for others. Before the month is over though, we have our Cambourne 10k event on Sunday 26th September – a really important one for the club. Please do enter or volunteer to help if you can.

Whatever your plans for September, I hope they include some athletics.

All the best,

Keith Clarke