View from the Chair – November 2020

Three things for November:

Training during lockdown

As I write this, it appears that from Thursday 5th November only exercise as individuals or with one other person will be allowed in lockdown. However, we do not yet have 100% confirmation on whether organised sports can continue but will know very soon (update – we cannot continue and are now closed until lockdown is lifted). We will send a message to all and put information on the website as soon as we do have confirmation of the status of our training sessions.

Obviously we now have systems in place to get back to training quickly in groups, so we can remain hopeful of a return as soon as possible after lockdown is lifted.

In the meantime there’s plenty that can be done individually (if that’s all we’re allowed) – ask your coach for some recommended sessions.

2020 Virtual AGM, Accounts and Nominations

Please see read the Chair and Treasurer’s reports here, see the nominations for the 2021 committee here and please cast your vote here.

This will allow us to ensure we are representing you properly when running the club in 2021. We will also publish the Chair and Treasurer’s report for you to read as part of the Virtual AGM.

Parking at the track and university staff

When attending Wilberforce Road for training, please park only in the designated parking areas or on roads nearby. Do not park on the verges.

We have had a report of someone being abusive to a member of the university staff when asked to move from the verge. It may not have been someone associated with our club but nonetheless, I urge everyone to remember that we are guests at the University’s facilities and we should always be courteous and follow their instructions.