View from the Chair – July 2022

Dear member,

We’re mid-way through the summer athletics season already, July is the busiest month with four track and field competitions and a Hockey’s 5k. All can be found on the website events calendar.

One of the questions I’m commonly asked is whether it’s okay to do a competition if an athlete’s never done one before. The answer is, “yes, of course”. They are designed for novices and experienced alike. You can’t see how your training is progressing if you don’t compete against the stopwatch and tape measure.

We had a really good evening at the Cambridge Eastern Masters on a Wednesday evening in June, for example – write up on the website here.

Our Monday evening Junior Academy has become vey busy as the light and warm evenings have arrived. We would really benefit from additional parental assistance please. If you can help manage the registration from 6:15 for 30 minutes, please email Viona on

Enjoy the summer.


Keith Clarke
Chair, C&C AC