Happy New Year all,

Ever an optimist, my wish is that after the current Omicron surge, 2022 will be better than 2021. Whatever life has in store for you over the next year, I hope that you’ll find a way to enjoy some athletic events and activities.

We have now grown our membership back to over 700 making us one of the largest clubs in the country. We are a club run by volunteers and I’d like to thank all of the many people who’ve helped the club operate over the last year and I hope will continue do so in the coming year.

The coaches at training sessions and the officials at competitions are the most visible volunteers, but we could not run successfully without lots of other helpers too doing a myriad of activities.

If I have one appeal to make for 2022, it is that you consider helping. Every small action adds up to a lot, you’d get the satisfaction of making a real difference and getting to know more people too.

All the best for 2022,

Keith Clarke (chair@cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk)

Chair, C&C AC