View from the Chair, February 2021

Dear Member,

We’re in February, the worst of the dark days are over so those of us who enjoy a run after work in the light will soon be able to. Hopefully, the sun’s warmer rays will be felt more often too.

Despite the lockdown there are a few virtual events happening. As mentioned last month, the Frostbite Friendly League has 3 virtual events left this season: 13-14/02/21, 13-14/03/21 and 10-11/04/21. See .

Thank you to those coaches who able to give training plans to their athletes to follow individually and in the case of the endurance runners, there is the opportunity to train (virtually) together on Tuesday evenings – see the page.

My final note is that we will be giving an extension to existing members once we know how long the lockdown persists. We are, however, continuing to pay England Athletics registration fees so all members can enter competitions still – EA have had some issues at their end but I can assure all existing members that their EA accreditation is still valid. If you have any problems, please email – Marie will do her best to sort out any issues with EA.

All the best and here’s to better news on lockdown next month.


Keith Clarke

Chair, C&C AC