Thank you Nigel

One our longest serving coaches and club members, Nigel Bloxham, has now moved down to beautiful Cornwall. Although this isn’t a strict farewell since we’ll see Nigel continuing to fire his starter’s gun at competitions occasionally.

Nigel joined as an athlete in 1965 then after a long break, was asked to help out again in the 1990s. As one our most qualified coaches, Nigel ran a sprints squad for around 20 years.

Nigel has always been a truely helpful club member and when a wheelchair athletics group formed in 2013, Nigel was the first coach to help get the group on their way.

More recently, Nigel trained as a starter and marksman. If you’ve been to a C&C competition in the last 2-3 years, then chances are that you’ve been started by Nigel on more than one occasion.

Thank you Nigel and enjoy your “retirement” in Cornwall