Keep C&C running – attend 12th September

Dear all,

There’s been a lot of change at the club in the last 3 years with first Neil Costello and soon Noel Moss taking well-earned steps back from major roles at the club. We have been incredibly lucky to have two people able to dedicate so much time and energy to the club.

Now, of couse, we need to move on and the Supporters Club is one way we can do that – spreading the load among more people to ensure the club can operate. Without our volunteers, we literally would not operate.

We’ve had some initial meetings and now we need more people to step forward to help with the supporters club for specific roles. Rather than rely of a few people doing a lot, we’re splitting roles up to make each one achievable for those of us who live incredibly busy lives including work. However we need people willing to sign up to help occasionally. We’ll use a Facebook page to make requests and coordinate activities as necessary

We need you to come to our next supporters club recruitment event at 6:30pm upstairs at the Pavilion on Thursday 12th September – teas and coffees will be served.

We are specifically looking for:

1/ Chair of the Supporters Club – act as the volunteers coordination lead for the activities below

2/ A Leader and team to organise and represent C&C at occasional 3rd party events, e.g. Cambridge Big weekend (which we just missed), an Eddington sports event. This would be occasional but important role.

3/ A team to support our catering coordinator, providing coverage at home events. Be on a rota to help serves drinks and snacks during the matches.

4/ A person to organise our vests, liaising with Noel Moss re purchasing for now. An opportunity to re-think how we make the vests available for members.

5/ Volunteers for a team to help organise and run the end of summer season celebration and prize giving. We have two volunteers now, and would like two more starting as soon as possible.

6/ A Monday night volunteers coordinator to help ensure there is a rota to cover the desk and teas/coffees (in summer) during the Junior Academy.

Please don’t be afraid to put your name on the list – whether you can help regularly or only occasionally.

Thank you.