Frostbite Friendly League – Match 1 – St Neots – 6th October 2019


Twenty nine C&C  members took part in the first of the season’s Frostbite Friendly matches on Sunday 6th October . Weather conditions were dry in the air, if somewhat muddy underfoot in places. Hosts Riverside Runners welcomed an impressive 192 junior and 425 senior Cambridgeshire club runners to Priory Park, St Neots.

Harry Hiscock was the Club’s quickest junior finishing the 1.5 mile course in a time of 8:20. Jodie Jackson’s 10:34 time meant that she was a team scorer, together with Sebastian Bennet and Rupert Raven. The Juniors start the season in 13th place with 3 League Points.

The Club scored 15 league points and kicked off the season with a 2nd place finish behind Riverside Runners. Top scorers Rob Mahen, John Baslington and Alan Prichard all ran the five miles in under 30 minutes, finishing 3rd, 8thand 15threspectively. Jess Cocker was the first C&C woman home in 89thplace, with Maria Buczak and Rachel Pritchard not far behind to score towards the Club’s overall 2ndplace finish. Well done all!

The next match takes place on Sunday 3rdNovember at Nene Park, Peterborough. Start times are 10.15am for juniors and 11.00am for seniors. Any Club member can participate in this free and inclusive series of winter runs which take place on the first Sunday (or thereabouts) of the months October – March. There’s no need to register. More details are available at or

Senior Results

Position                                    Time

3          Rob Mahen                   28:51:00

8          John Baslington            29:09:00

15        Alan Prichard                29:52:00

23        Christopher Pell            30:22:00

42        Alexander Rogers          32:06:00

48        Tom Middleton            32:47:00

89        Jess Cocker                   34:36:00

96        Hugo Packman              34:53:00

104      Maria Buczak                35:16:00

132      Charlie  Ritchie              36:45:00

138      Rachel  Pritchard          36:59:00

175      Karen Cameron            38:38:00

177      Peter Bennet                38:43:00

187      Paul Connelly                39:00:00

206      Siggi Martinsson           39:43:00

208      Diane Potter                 39:53:00

209      Rafik Jallad                   39:54:00

211      Alex Downie                 39:56:00

212      GeorgeAspin               40:00:00

227      Glynn Smith                  40:27:00

251      Roger Pembery            41:48:00

279      Jane Packman               43:28:00

283      Claire Pembery            43:38:00

340      Diana Braverman          47:25:00

376      DuncanForsyth            50:38:00


Junior Results


17        Harry Hiscock                08:20

39        Rupert  Raven               08:59

95        Sebastian Bennet          09:57

122      Jodie Jackson                10:34