Endurance runners and re-starting training at the track

Dear all,

We know many of you have been able to continue training on your own or with the virtual training during the lockdown which is great but we know it’d be nice to get together in groups and do some sharpening up at the track soon.

With the track becoming available to us from August, the sharp-eyed among you have already spotted that there are no training sessions available for endurance (road runners, etc) runners at the track yet.

The endurance coaches have taken the decision to stay away from the track in August and provide training elsewhere – please contact your coaches for further information.

This is largely because we currently the severe restrictions on space at the track currently with only 5 athletes per coach and only limited training groups allowed. We hope this will evolve to allow larger groups over time with more groups at the track while maintaining the safety of all.

If you would like to know more about the group training available and you don’t know who to ask, please email endurance@cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk

Thank you and enjoy your running safely.


Keith Clarke (Chair) and Chris Hurcomb (Endurance Chair)