Eastern Masters Athletics League 1st Match Result – 1st May

Unfortunately, we had a very small turnout for our first Vets League match at a slightly cold and windy Sandy “stadium”. Yes, that is a picture of the whole womens team…

However, despite lowish numbers, the men’s team are now in 3rd place in the League and the women in 4th.  This is better than expected given the team size and with bigger turnouts we may qualify for the final!!!

It would be really good if we could have a much bigger team turnout at our home match at Cambridge on Weds 5 June, and Carole will be sending out details of this shortly.

Mens team: Keith Clarke, Stuart Dunlop, Charlie Ritchie, Joseph Tucker, Peter Bennet, Andrew Unsworth, Roger Lilley, Ian Slack, Noel Moss, Richard Lyle

Womens team: Anne Moindrot, Mary Holmes, Carol Wright, Pamela Abbott, Sarah McGrath

And many thanks to the officials who turned out to assist (press ganged or not)… and finally to Carole for getting us all together!

Please go to the EMAC League webpage for more details of how to participate in this fun and social league – all athletes over the age of 35 welcome, and not just long time athletes – parents are welcome to come along an participate!!!

The results are up on the Power of 10 website.

Apologies for the delay – the results took a long time to come through.