East Anglian League Result – Cambridge 21st July 2019

C&C won the third EAL match of the season. The club took full advantage of their home match by winning the U13g, U13b,  U15g, U17w and SM groups. This result sees the Senior Men move to the top of the league by one point with one match left.

There was an improved turn out for the club with several PB’s and both A and B strings filled in several events especially in the younger age groups.

There were wins for:

  • Fletcher Collins Shirley – U17m B string 100m
  • Jessica Clark –  U17w A string 100m and 200m
  • Miracle Kamara-Musa – U17w B string 100m
  • Serena Blackwood – U15g A string 100m
  • Kaia Purdie – U15g B string 100m
  • Sophia Delville Jones – U13g A string 100m
  • Chung Tu – SM A string 200m
  • Falai Baldeh – SM B string 200m B string Shot
  • Catriona Marriott – SW A string 200m and 400m
  • Emily Collard – U17w B string 200m
  • Maya Vandermark – U15g A string 200m, hammer
  • Eve Serf – U15g B string 200m
  • Leah Wagstaff – U13g A string 200m, LJ and 70mh
  • Margarida Vicente – U13g B string 200m, A string discus
  • Jarrod Dawson – SM A string 400m
  • Samuel Clarke – SM B string 400m and A string 110m hurdles
  • Joseph Smith – SM A string 800m and 1500m
  • Ric Park – SM B string 800m and 1500m
  • Benji Darken – U15b A string 800m
  • Harry Hiscock – U15b B string 800m
  • Simon Courtois – U13b A string 800m
  • Benji Postenyi – U13b B string 800m
  • Katie Margarson – SW A string 800m
  • Siobhan Skinner – SW B string 800m
  • Amelie Maris – U17w A string 800m
  • Dana Fraser – U15g A string 800m
  • Jenny Leggate – U15g B string 800m
  • Freya Seal – U13g B string 800m
  • Luca McGrath – U15b A string 1500m
  • Thomas Ward – U15b B string 1500m
  • Matthew Smith – U13b A string 1500m and HJ
  • Liam Conway – U13b B string 1500m
  • Ellie Loosley – U15g A string 1500m
  • Isabel Manley – U15g  B string 1500m
  • Imogen Pembery – U13g A string 1500m
  • Elena Fraser – U13g B string 1500m
  • Murron McCulloch – U13g 70mh
  • Robin Allburn – U13b B string – 75mh
  • James Elkington- U15b A string HJ
  • Heinrich Kotzenberg- U13b B string HJ
  • Gary Parsons – SM  A string shot and discus
  • Yujian Zhou – U15m A string shot
  • Sarah McGrath – SW A string shot, discus, hammer and Javelin
  • Neve Palmer – SW B string shot and A string javelin
  • Steph Browne – U17w A string shot, discus, hammer
  • Charlotte Bridget – U15g B string shot
  • Anne Moindrot – SW A string discus
  • Olivia Agyen – U15g A string discus
  • Catherine Rudge – U15g B string discus and Javelin
  • Joseph Scase – U17m A string hammer
  • Tjerk Zult – SM B string javelin
  • Hugh Aubrey – U15b A string javelin
  • Alice Lord – U17w A string javelin
  • Lucy Short – U15g B string javelin

A big thank you to all the athletes that competed.

Full results can be viewed on the Power of 10 website here.

League tables can be viewed here.